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Pre-Listing Inspection

What is Pre-Listing Inspection?

A WIN pre-listing inspection gives a seller a crystal-clear picture of their property's current condition before putting it on the market.

Why is a Pre-Listing Inspection required?

When buying a home, the inspection phase of the process is often the critical point in which many deals fall through; therefore, a Pre-Listing Inspection can be an excellent investment for sellers to be one step ahead. Benefits include:

  • Identification of potential issues upfront
  • Valuable information for sellers to be proactive in any repairs
  • Potential to sell the home faster

What is covered in a Pre-Listing Inspection?

A Pre-Listing Inspection by WIN provides sellers with a detailed assessment of valuable insights regarding the home’s condition. Then, if the property needs any repairs or has significant issues, the inspector offers all of this in a easy to read report.