John Caldwell WIN Lindale

Pre-Drywall Inspection

What is a Pre-Drywall Inspection?

A Pre-Drywall Inspection identifies any new build issues before the drywall is put in place. We evaluate the framing of the structure as well as the rough in work completed for all of the major systems in the home. 

Why is a Pre-Drywall Inspection required?

Several issues can arise during the home building process that can be addressed more efficiently before the pre-drywall stage. This could include improper or damaged materials, key elements not in place, etc. A Pre-Drywall Inspection will seek out any of these issues and make suggestions for changes and repairs needed prior to closing the structure. 

What is covered in a Pre-Drywall Inspection? 

A Pre-Drywall Inspection will:  

  • Provide a thorough examination of the new home’s main internal component rough ins and features 
  • Confirms all the backing and guards are installed for the drywall 
  • Ensure materials and systems are satisfactory before the drywall is installed