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Move In Inspection

What is Move-In Inspection?

A Move-In Inspection is a service for renters to take advantage of prior to moving into an apartment or rental property.

Is performed when a newly-built home is ready for occupancy, just before the builder conducts the final walk-through. This offers valuable information on your property and provides time for necessary repairs or upgrades before the transaction is finalized.

Additionally, this inspection is also available to renters before moving into an apartment or rental property.

Why is Move-In Inspection required?

The Move-In Inspection provides an unbiased documentation of a rental’s original condition. This keeps both tenants and landlords accountable, providing both parties critical information.

What is covered in a Move-In Inspection?

During a WIN Move-In Inspection, a highly trained and certified inspector will use an extensive checklist to assess the dwelling. If a landlord has an inspection checklist that will be kept on file and used prior to moving out, an inspector can incorporate and document these areas in an original report.