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Home Buyer Consultation

What is a Home Buyer Consultation?

During the home buying process or after a sale, homeowners may have questions regarding their original inspection report findings. A Home Buyer Consultation is a service provided to anyone who had a home inspection by any company needing assistance with the contents of their initial examination.

A Home Buyer Consultation is a walk-through and reinspection of a property for a buyer that had previously been conducted for a seller earlier in the real estate transaction.

This inspection ensures any issues noted in the original report have been addressed, and work with buyers.

Why is a Home Buyer Consultation required?

It is recommended that all buyers invest in a Home Buyer Consultation to ensure a future purchase is a sound investment. This is an ideal opportunity to view initial findings and learn what items are left to be resolved.

What is covered in a Home Buyer Consultation?

During a Home Buyer Consultation, a WIN Home Inspector will check that items noted in an original inspection have been completed – providing buyers peace of mind. The inspector will provide an updated report with the home’s current condition and any outstanding issues.